design system

Design system

We  aim at establishing a playful design-fabrication workflow connecting parametric design and Computer Numerical Control (CNC), allowing the production of complex organic shaped pieces of furniture, based on a clear system of bidimensional elements.

After designing the base furniture shape as a three-dimensional model, depending on its function, significance, ergonomics, a specific algorithm decomposes this model into two-dimensional silhouettes. Allowing to define a number of distinct parameters for each object to produce, the algorithm optimizes the silhouette dimension and shape to be directly cut by a CNC mill and easily assembled and disassembled.

The method’s versatility enables the designer and the client to choose from an indefinite range of shapes, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and customisation. It is then possible to produce different kind of objects, from small objects to stools to big outdoor furniture. Depending on the CNC machines used, materials and finishing can suite different taste and aesthetics: from plywood to MDF, cork, rubber, plastic, etc.

The objects are highly sustainable, as they present a limited life-cycle impact. The system developed allows for the minimum use of material and embedded energy, due to the reduced dimension, thickness, weight and manufacturing process. The silhouette shape optimizes packaging and the subsequent energy consumption for transportation.

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