Masterplan and Service Buildings Expo 2015 Milan

2012 - Fourth Prize - Team: S. Dierna, L. Martinelli, Battisti Tucci Architetti Associati, M.B. Andreucci, S. Cimini, R. Morleo

Flexibility, sustainability and food are the main themes of the project. The masterplan is based on the combination of plants biotopes connected with agriculture,  which are also integrated in the parametric facade of the buildings as garden boxes. The parametric facade bears the symbolic and signalling functions of the project, as it represents a reinterpretation of the famous Arcimboldi portraits with vegetables, thus conveying a reflection on the relationship between humanity and food.  Composed mostly of vegetable elements, it also acts as a microclimate modifier, reducing energy consumption. The structure is economic, easy to assemble and disassemble for reuse.

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