Rahmeplan Zukunft Nord Karlsruhe

2015 - Third Prize - Team: KH studio delli Ponti & Novielli, F. Schmelzer, L. Cattoni (landscape designer). Consultants: L. Martinelli, C. Alwan, V. Spicciarelli, D. Curatola Soprana, C. Weidler

The project aims at integrating a mixed use, medium-density district with the existing university buildings and with an adjacent protected area (visible, but not accessible), which supports a delicate ecosystem of fragile rare species. The result is a sustainable, flexible and evolutionary development, where the urban program of the city gradually blurs into the landscape. This effect requires an adapting degree of density, from the core activities of the central area (offices, laboratories, learning facilities), to the multi-family and single-family residential sectors on the borders.  

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