Columbus Quartier Mannheim

2014 - First Prize - Team: KH studio delli Ponti & Novielli (invited architects), F. Schmelzer, Atelier EEM (landscape designers). Consultants : L. Martinelli, C. Alwan, V. Spicciarelli, A. Luccioli, G. Bonetto, C. dall'Olio

Urban regeneration of a dismissed military barracks area in Mannheim, the masterplan outlines a sustainable mixed use district, flexible and resilient to evolution. Retail and logistics facilities, required by the client, are integrated with compact high density “pockets”, which accommodate houses, offices, soft productive activities, open spaces and natural areas. The design of the whole district allows a significant saving of energy and resources, implements the collection, recycle and reuse of water, enhances the local production of renewable energy and promotes smart mobility (public transport, car-sharing, car-pooling, etc.). 

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