Piazza d’armi and theatre L’Aquila

2012 - Honourable Mention - Team: KH studio delli Ponti & Novielli, F. Schmelzer, F. Bernetti. P. Corciulo, D. Curatola Soprana, M. Teofili. Consultants: L. Martinelli, C. Bernardini, M. Blume

The new park, square and theatre aim to generate a social and cultural centre for the city of L’Aquila, in direct contact with nature and linked to the existing and designed network of public transportation, green areas and cultural infrastructures. Great emphasis is put in the integration between inside and outside activities. The theatre plan flexibility allows different events to take place (play, conferences, exhibitions), even simultaneously, and can adjust to a variable audience size. Passive measures and optimized HVAC ensure the high-energy performance of the building. The park is designed as an evolutionary landscape, strongly connected with the existing green corridors, nevertheless providing a significant alternative figure to the Appenines and National and Regional parks. The careful choice of plants drastically drops maintenance costs.

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